MMR(Make Me Rich)

MMR is a decentralized pledge mining protocol. Users can pledge FIL through pledge contracts to obtain extra interest and join the entire gaming ecosystem when staking.

01. About MMR

The World’s Next-Gen Crypto Mining Finance on Binance Smart Chain.

Our goal is to build evolutionary tech for crypto mining products. MMR offers a more advanced Filcoin mining solution through DeFi model to ensure the platform security, liquidity and earning rate.

  • High Security
  • High Liquidity
  • High Earning Rate
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02. Core Features

Infinite Possibilities

MMR opens up the world to financial innovation on an unprecedented scale.


Certik’s smart contract and code audition keeps MMR and your funds safe.


Deposit crypto-assets to automatically begin earning the highest rate.


MMR makes it simple and accessible for many more people to benefit from Filcoin.


Participate in governance to develop the future of MMR, including gamefi.


Utilize the MMR protocol to stimulate deep liquidity in the MMR ecosystem.


MMR as medium for trading mining assets and computing power of any kind.

03. MMR Secret

Why Choose MMR

MMR provides the most profitable mining products, combined with the cutting-edge DeFi model at technical level.

To eliminate bubble, MMR set up a efficient governance mechanism, all platform profits are used to buy back MMR tokens.
MMR holds no long pledge period, no gas fee, no lock-up period, users can enter and exit MMR at any time.
MMR will release a large amount of low-cost FIL computing power, users can subscribe the computing power to earn the gap market price.
04. Other services

Investment Services

FIL pledge mining

MMR LP pool

Computing power subscription